Business Vehicle Leasing

Pedigree Automotive Solutions is an independent, Nottingham based vehicle lease hire provider, offering a range of vehicle leasing options from 12 months to 5 years which ensures you get the deal that’s right for you.

Car Leasing in Nottingham

We can offer cars and light commercials from all the leading manufacturers and finance from leading finance houses. Any make, any model, any spec. Combine this with over 35 years experience in various sectors of the motor industry and we are able to offer bespoke solutions for all your vehicle requirements.


Lease Car Deals

These are just a few example deals….we can source any make, any model, any spec, just ask.

Ford Fiesta

Hatchback 1.0 EcoBoost ST-Line 5dr

Ford Fiesta Hatchback 1.0 EcoBoost ST-Line 5dr car leasing nottingham

From £222 + VAT

Initial Rental: £666 + VAT

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Mercedes-Benz A Class

AMG Hatchback Special Editions A35 4Matic Executive Edition 5dr Auto

Mercedes-Benz A Class AMG Hatchback Special Editions A35 4Matic Executive Edition 5dr Auto car leasing nottingham

From £515 + VAT

Initial Rental: £1545 + VAT

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Nissan Qashqai

Hatchback 1.3 DiG-T MH N-Connecta 5dr

Nissan Qashqai Hatchback 1.3 DiG-T MH N-Connecta 5dr car leasing nottingham

From £295 + VAT

Initial Rental: £885 + VAT

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Vauxhall Corsa

Hatchback 1.2 Turbo SRi Edition 5dr Auto

Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback 1.2 Turbo SRi Edition 5dr Auto car leasing nottingham

From £235 + VAT

Initial Rental: £705 + VAT

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Quoted prices do not include insurance. Excess mileage charges apply.

Month by Month Hire

We know that there are occasions when a business may need an extra car without wishing to commit to a long term contract. This may be for new staff, temporary staff, seasonal needs, between contracts and many other reasons.

In response to these needs Pedigree has arranged special terms for hire cars and vans with a minimum commitment of only 1 month. Our prices are per calendar month (not 28 days like most short term rentals).

Please enquire for our latest deals. Commercial vehicle prices are available on request.


What our clients say about us…

  • "A big THANK YOU to Trevor Harris at Pedigree Auto Solutions for all of his help in finding my next lease vehicle and for sorting out all of the paperwork. I would recommend him. Great service.  Look forward to delivery of the same in June."

    John Miles Director at Colligant Limited
  • "Trevor is a personable individual who has an expertise in Fleet and Vehicle management and financing. His great asset is that he understands the needs of his clients and deliver solutions that 'think outside the box'. I can recommend Trevor to anyone looking for a complete vehicle acquisition and management service."

    Paul Evans ACII Director at Butler Evans Risk & Insurance Consultants Ltd
  • "Trevor Harris makes the whole process of automotive lease or contract hire simple and hassle free. He understands your needs and ensures that the relevant options are presented and available. Once the choice is made everything is taken care of and no query is too much trouble. Overall an excellent service I would recommend to anybody who is time pressured and wants to remove hassle from their lives."

    John Webster Commercial Director at 247Time Limited
  • "I have to confess that I was previously of the opinion that cars should be bought rather than leased. Yet when I met Trevor from Pedigree Automotive Solutions I was impressed by his work ethics, and how he was regularly going above and beyond for his customers. I didn't really think much more about it.... until we were plagued by car trouble that I began to recall Trevor's motto: if it appreciates - buy it! If it depreciates, lease it! The process was simple and straightforward. In fact, I received my new car in around two weeks from the date of signing the paperwork. The best part? We've gone from being a one-car family to the freedom of having two vehicles, along with the peace of mind to know that any car issues will be fixed by the lease company, not us!"

    Victoria Tretis Personal Contract
  • "I recently had a new lease car from Pedigree. Everything was very simple and easy to understand. I am delighted with my Corsa and the service from Trevor. He is always happy to sort things out in the evening or weekend if that is better for the client. I would happily recommend Trevor and Pedigree to anyone looking for a friendly efficient service".

    Lisa Towers Personal Contract
  • "I went to Trevor at Pedigree when I was first thinking about leasing a car. I was looking at a 3 year deal as I thought that was what was the only option available to me.

    Having discussed my position and my needs at that time, Trevor suggested that a 12 month lease would be a better option for me. He then provided me with the specifications and costs on a number of options and I placed my order same day. I have been absolutely delighted with the car and service from Pedigree. I now know I have someone in the motor trade I can trust".

    Andrew Middleton Personal Contract
  • " This is the third time we have leased a car from Pedigree Automotive Solutions Ltd

    We cannot fault them. They are honest, reliable and always do what they say.

    Cars are great as are the deals they manage to get us.".

    Daniel Hart Global Intelligent Logistics (UK) Limited
  • Trevor at Pedigree has looked after our vehicle fleet for many years and has always provided a great service. When challenges like Covid-19 come along, it is great to know that Trev in on hand to offer advice on all the unusual aspects of Fleet Management.   One phone call (sometimes out of office hours) usually gets the response ‘leave it with me’. Sure enough, Trev comes along with suggestions on the best way forwards.

    Gary Williams GEM Solutions UK Ltd
  • Trevor at Pedigree has looked after our vehicle fleet since 2005 and is always happy to assist our drivers - including in the evening and over the weekend. We are still paying less on our Fleet Insurance than when Trev started looking after this for us 14 years ago.   Trev has been available throughout the current challenging period (Covid-19) to help and advise on cost control and savings. It is like having our own Fleet Manager but only paying when we need him.   We would be delighted to recommend Pedigree Automotive Solutions to businesses requiring fleet support in the future.

    MD Rodgers Leask
  • Trevor at Pedigree was recommended to PJA when we were first looking at providing Company Cars. He assisted with setting up our scheme and Driver Safety Policy. Trev has been assisting PJA ever since and it is great to know that he is only a phone call away whenever we have any challenges in our fleet. Needless to say we have been working through a couple of these recently!

    Nigel Millington PJA

Why Contract Hire?

Pedigree is an independent vehicle provider, offering a range of leasing options from 12 months to 5 years.


Lower start up costs:

Advantages of Contract Hire:

  • With contract hire, you avoid having to pay the full cost of the vehicle up front, so you don’t use up your working capital or have to borrow
  • No need to worry about an overdraft or other loan being withdrawn at short notice due to changes in bank policy or personnel

Why not to purchase outright:

  • You pay the full cost of the vehicle up front out of working capital, or debt finance, which adds to the cost
  • Banks can withdraw overdrafts and loans at short notice and demand early repayment
  • It may take longer to source and administer the purchase


Cash flow advantages:

Advantages of Contract Hire:

  • With a contract hire vehicle, you only pay for the vehicle over the fixed period of time that it is needed by you
  • Easier to forecast cash flow as rates on monthly rental costs are usually fixed
  • The cost can be spread over the lifetime of the vehicle

Why not to purchase outright:

  • A small business is gambling that it will not need the capital for the medium and long-term
  • The cost cannot be spread to coincide with money coming in to the business


Tax efficient:

Advantages of Contract Hire:

  • Opportunity to reduce your tax bill by deducting the cost of lease rentals from taxable income
  • For companies that either do not pay tax or pay at the small company rate, the 100% tax allowances of lease rental are normally more beneficial than capital allowances for outright purchase options

Why not to purchase outright:

  • You are unable to take advantage of the tax benefits of deducting the cost of rental from your taxable income. However can deduct the interest payable on any loan used to finance the vehicle


Lower fleet costs:

Advantages of Contract Hire:

  • Maintenance and other vehicle management service items can be written into lease or contract hire contracts
  • The risk of depreciation is carried by the leasing company
  • The leasing company can usually obtain better discounts due to their greater purchasing power

Why not to purchase outright:

  • A small company has limited bargaining power and knowledge regarding the potential discounts available
  • You are responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the asset
  • All the risk (e.g. Depreciation, maintenance etc) is taken by you

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