Electric Vehicles : Update on Electric Charging facilities

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EV charging providers collaborate to provide better access.

A group of Europe’s leading charging solution providers have come together pledging to open their networks for drivers of electric vehicles in the UK by the end of 2019.

Allego, EVBox, NewMotion, Chargemap, ChargePoint, Charge4Europe, Engenie, Franklin Energy, and Travelcard have signed an agreement which aims to give drivers easy access to electric vehicle charging facilities.

Drivers will only require a single subscription to access public charging stations operated by any of the participating suppliers.

The collaboration will make it much easier for EV drivers to see costs of charging and information about where charge points are located and whether they are available.

A more joined-up, user friendly public charging network will make EVs more desirable to consumers and will help to stimulate their uptake.

Business drivers will also benefit from no longer needing multiple charge point accounts and fleets will be able to manage all their billing, settlement and reimbursement automatically with one organisation.

Source: BVRLA