Spring Driving Advice

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We have all had plenty of rain over the winter period, but as we expect a bit less rain towards summer it brings its own hazards! Less rain means longer drier spells between showers. When there is a shower the road can become quite slippery due to fuel and rubber deposits put down in the dry spell, especially at junctions, bends and roundabouts. Keep your distance and slow earlier for hazards, bends and junctions.

It is still not too late to have lots of snow and ice so keep your weather proof gear and a pair of heavy shoes with you in the car for another month, the weather can still change rapidly and a break down or hold up could leave you wet and cold.

High winds early in Spring can pose a particular problem as lots of trees have been weakened and the ground is very soft. A sudden spell of high winds could easily bring further trees down onto the roads. Take extra care, especially on unlit stretches or road if the wind picks up!

As the weather starts to improve, there is less likelihood of the roads being gritted, so it’s a good time to give your vehicle a good wash, polish and spring clean. Include a full tyre (depth and pressure) check and check wiper blades. Also wash the bottom of the doors, door jams, around the boot and bonnet edges, as this is where the salt will cause damage over time.

Spring driving sees an abundance of wild life moving around and therefore a high level of road kill; watch out for deer, badgers and other animals if driving at night in the country.

Be aware of pot holes appearing due to the Winter weather. Pot holes can damage tyres, wheels and suspension. Avoid them whenever possible and if you can’t avoid them, slow down before hitting them (try not to be braking when you drive through a pothole).

Low sun and dazzle can also be a problem during spring. Make sure your windscreen is clean inside and outside, along with other windows/mirrors. The clocks go forward in March so although the time you travel might be the same, the sun will not be in the same place and may cause dazzle.

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