Summer Driving Advice

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As the warmer weather and longer days arrive, these bring a number of hazards that we don’t normally have to deal with in the winter. Here’s a few top tips to staying safe during the summer months:

GET THE SUNGLASSES OUT: A clean pair of sunglasses can made driving much safer if driving when the sun is low in the sky. Always keep a pair to hand in the front of the vehicle and use them to avoid becoming momentarily blinded by the sun.

BEWARE OF CYCLISTS: Summer sees an increase in the number of cyclists using the roads, many of whom get knocked over and injured by other vehicles. To reduce the possibility of turing across the path of a cyclist, ALWAYS check your wing mirror JUST before turning left or right.

TAKE AN EXTRA LOOK: Grass and hedgerows put on a lot of growth during the Spring. This means views could be much more restricted than normal at junctions and on the approach to some roundabouts. Thousands of crashes are caused each year by drivers not being able to see clearly and making a decision to move before knowing it is safe!

DON’T RISK A BBQ DRIVING BAN: We all should be well aware of the risks of drink-driving at Christmas, but drink-drive casualties actually peak in the summer. When enjoying a leisurely lunch time or evening bbq with friends and family the measures are likely to be larger and the drinks stronger than those served in a pub, and it’s easy to get carried away.

BUGS, SAP AND DIRT: This time of year means our windscreens, other windows and paintwork tend to get covered in all sorts of sticky mess that restricts our view. Remember to keep windows and mirrors clean as view can be reduced by over 50% due to dirty windows and mirrors.

VEHICLE CHECKS: Tyres are likely to take more punishment in the summer because of the higher temperatures, any small defect not spotted may cause a puncture or blowout when least expected.

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